Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reflection of the Last Day

Hello Again. Today was a every productive today. I record my part of the story and I believe it came out better then I excepted. My partner and I came up with great effective question to ask out students about the book. All we have left is to work on out lesson plans and we have a couple of great ideas and now we just have to sit down and talk about what we want to do and how we are going to go about it. Professor Luongo gave us a good idea to do for our lesson plan and we are thinking about doing it and adding a little more to it. From being in the lab and learning the podcasting, I will definitely try to use this in my class when I become a teacher. Podcasting was a lot of fun, even though I dont like to hear my voice.

See ya

5 Effective Questions

5 Effective Questions

1. What is the difference between the turtles and the starfish? and whats the same?
2. What do the crabs hid in? and why?
3. What would happen if the sharks saw the eel?
4. How do jellyfish float in the sea?
5. If you swam in the deep blue sea, what swimwear would you need to help you see and breathe?

Last Day in the Lab

Hello. Today is the last day in the computer lab. I hope that my partner and I get to finish recording our story. We also have to come up with our five effective questions. After that I hope we can start talking about our ideas on we want to have for our lesson plan and how we want to go about teaching our lesson. Today should be a productive day. Still alittle nervous about recording but I know I can do it and it will come out well.

See ya.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reflection on Day 3

I'm back. Today didn't go so good. I kept messing up with the Podcasting. I am still nervous about recording my voice and its affecting the way the story comes out whn I record it. We didn't get much done today just more trial and error. We stil have to record our whole book together. We aslo still have to do our effective questioning. On my own I'm going to keep reading the book out loud and find new ways to read it so it can come out better wen I record it.

See ya later.

Day 3 of Podcasting

Hi, I'm back. Today in class I hope that me and Shadaya will be able to record our book on the podcast. I'm still alittle neverous about recording my voice but i know in the long run it will help. Today ia my turn to record my half of the book. After I read and have a practice shot, me and my partner will record the whole book as one. After we are done recording, we have to come up with five questions about our book. Then me and my partner have to sit down and discuss what we want to do for our lesson plan we have to present to the the class.

See ya soon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Reflection on 1st/2nd day of Podcasting

Hello. My 1st full day of podcasting was a lot of fun. I learned hw to go through all the steps from recording to posting on my blog. My partner and I had to record several time because we kept messing up. My partner read the 1st have of a "Fish Tales" and did really well. Next week it will be my turn to read the 2nd half of the book. I really alittle neverous but I know it will be a lot of fun.

See ya.

Day 1/2 Podcast

Day 1 I wasn't here to do the 1st podcast. Day 2 I think I will learn how to use the podcast and its diifferent functions. Aslo I think I'll be able to work with my partner recording our book. I am really exicted to see how to use the podcast. Me and Shadaya have decides that we would split the book.

see ya.